Mountains of Grace in Guatemala

Mountains of Grace is a non-governmental organization that serves the people of San Felipe de Jesus, Guatemala. The mission was started by Ashley Matthews who is from Sanford, North Carolina. 

The mission of Mountains of Grace is "to establish faith, instill hope, and grow love in the community of San Felipe de Jesus by providing a safe and nurturing learning environment where the community can learn English, life skills, receive their GED, and have tutoring available."

The Refuge offers to the community of San Felipe de Jesus, literacy courses, English lessons, cooking classes, a running program, Bible studies, and an after school program with a healthy lunch.

Community Centered & Globally Minded

The vision of Mountains of Grace is "a united community that loves God and loves one another. A community where the children are nourished physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A community where the people are becoming globally minded and responsible citizens. A community that is filled with purpose as they seek the Lord's will for their lives and take on their future with confidence."


  • English classes to increase the potential of employment for the people in San Felipe. 

  • Afterschool tutoring to hold kids accountable to their school performance and to encourage the importance of literacy and education. 

  • Cooking classes and craft lessons to grow life skills and provide skills to increase employment opportunities for the citizens of the community.

  • Bible studies to bring people closer to Christ and to grow their faith and love for the Lord. 

  • A feeding program to provide nutrition for the children who are malnourished. 

  • A running team to fill the youth with purpose and passion through sports.

  • GED program. Youth and adults come to the Refuge to learn to read and write for the first time, to finish their primary education, or to finish their secondary education.